Coffee and Cloud Native - E24

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Today’s Topics

Timestamp Description
3:55 What’s new in Falco 0.25
9:44 The Essential Guide to Pod Eviction on Kubernetes
13:01 Usernetes runs Kubernetes within userspace with no root privileges
18:08 Skipper update includes AdmissionWebhook to validate RouteGroup CRDs so you don’t break your cluster
20:01 Terrascan hits 1.0 - scanner for IaC code in repo or in pipeline - uses OPA
23:23 Footloose is the original tool for running containers that look like VMs
25:48 Harbor is extending to support AI and ML models?
29:36 arkade 0.6.2 out with new tools
29:54 Tool of the Day: decodehelm is a kubectl plugin for decoding helm secrets