Coffee and Cloud Native - E20

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Audio in this video doesn’t start until 1:47.

Today’s Topics

Timestamp Description
4:09 Docker rolls out new pricing and execution plan for Docker Hub
7:55 Mirantis buys Kontena Lens after somehow not getting it when they bought Kontena
10:40 Deep dive into Open Service Mesh
12:22 A pictorial guide to service mesh
15:17 helm-controller builds #GitOps pipelines using Helm
17:25 Step up your Helm game with a course from Linux Foundation
20:23 How does iptables work in #Kubernetes anyway?
22:09 Kubectl-fu from @Flant_com
23:15 The Hierarchical Namespace Controller is another way to aggregate namespaces for consolidated RBAC
24:44 TOTD: clusterlint from @digitalocean is a #Kubernetes cluster validator that includes platform-specific checks