Coffee and Cloud Native - E103

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8:23 Want a new or different Kubernetes job, or is your company looking for skilled workers? Check out the new careers board from learnk8s. ☕️☕️☕️☕️
10:20 Gloo 1.6 has configuration for blocking CSRF attacks at the edge. Here’s how to do it. ☕️☕️☕️☕️
14:04 What a crazy POC. ahachete built a 100-node (63 accessible) K8s cluster on a single r5.metal instance using Firecracker and EKS-D. ☕️☕️☕️☕️
17:06 Here’s a tool from mtougeron that tags EBS volumes from annotations on the Kubernetes Deployment or PVC. ☕️☕️☕️☕️
19:20 eBPF is going to eat the world. If you’re not already using it in Kubernetes (or elsewhere), you need to get on the bus. ☕️☕️☕️☕️
22:09 In <24h researchers went from “scan” to “pwn 100k UN employee records.” Whoever committed admin db creds to Git in a Wordpress config needs to be fired. ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️
27:02 Tool of the Day: juicefs is a distributed POSIX filesystem built on Redis and any S3-compatible object store. Holy cow. ☕️☕️☕️☕️