Wake Up With Coffee and Cloud Native

Every night I and my army of bots scour the Internet for news and content related to Kubernetes and Cloud Native. The bots collect around 2000 candidates, each and every night, and these are curated by a machine learning model in Dataiku DSS. Each item is scored from 1 to 5 coffees, corresponding to a 75% to 100% probability of being interesting content. Interesting content is content that educates the community and moves them forward. Only 50-60 make that cut, and these are filtered by me down to 15 items for the next day’s show.

Coffee and Cloud Native (CNCN) is a 30-minute live stream that runs every weekday. It streams live on on YouTube, and Twitch with chat taking place simultaneously on YouTube, Twitch, and Discord. Items are shuffled and presented by TruffleBot, who also collects votes from the viewers on how well the item rated. Those community votes are applied back to the machine learning model to help improve the future scoring.

The links and video replay are made available to community members 24 hours before the rest of the Internet.

The topics that make it on the show are diverse. They might include new releases for open source software, new or updated products from companies, security news and software, operating systems designed for Kubernetes, or interesting developments in data science, machine learning, edge computing, or anything else involving cloud native technology.

Each show also includes the Tool of the Day, a utility that either makes life easier or demonstrates innovation and ingenuity from someone in the community.

The primary criteria for inclusion is that it’s something I would (or do) use, and whose existence benefits the community. Although open source solutions feature more prominently, paid solutions from companies are also eligible, particularly if they have a generous free tier for people to get started.

There’s a Community Here

There are too many things being built, every single day, and none of us can keep track of it all. CNCN is not only a show, but a community of curious technologists. Each of us loves to solve problems, and together we support one another and work to create better solutions together.

Everyone is welcome in the CNCN Community Site, a free social network that allows us to work together after the show ends. Here you’ll find articles, notes, conversations, events, and a group of talented, passionate people like yourself.

We also keep a public Discord Server for the community. Slack isn’t built for community. Messages posted there roll off the top of the screen and into oblivion. Discord is built for all of us to have a home. Between it and the CNCN Members Site, you’ll feel connected to people like you never have before.

How to Get Involved

Below are the links to the five things you can do to get involved.

  1. Join the Community
  2. Join the Chat
  3. Subscribe on YouTube
  4. Follow on Twitch
  5. Follow on Twitter

If you have a tool or resource that you’d like me to consider for the show, come find me on Discord and let me know! I love to hear what people are using and to share that with the rest of the community.

I’ll see you there!